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Bungee Fit Group Classes

Our Bungee Fit Group Classes every day and are Krazy Fun in every way! Bungee Fit class focuses on full body work outs that get your heart pumping to its cardio max in just 15 seconds with little stress on the rest of your body! Classes run 20 minutes long and that is all you need, say what!! We offer various group fitness packages that will fit with your budget and schedule! Come in today to schedule your FREE Bungee Fit Assessment!




Bungee Fit Personal Training

Whether its personal training for weight loss, professional athletic training or just overall wellness, Bungee Fit Personal Training is top of the line! Personal Training sessions are 30 minutes of one on one focus to your personal fitness goals. You will work with our top notch trainers that will customize your fitness plan and get you on the fast track to seeing results!

We offer sports specific speed and strength training in a way no one else can offer!



Physical Therapy

Fast results, pain free, no added pressure on the joints and it’s fun!

ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Exercise helps people of all ages who suffer from debilitating disorders like Arthritis, Muscular Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease and those recovering from sports injuries and surgical procedures. Client feedback has all been positive.  People have less pain and can-do things they could not do before starting a motion-based bungee exercise program. 

One of the biggest challenges in Physical therapy is to help the person exercise without stressing the body further – NOW THERE IS A WAY! 

ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee “Motion-Based Exercise” helps muscles stretch and contract without pain, and no added pressure on the joints.  It gets the lymphatic system moving efficiently and blood pumping throughout the body and flowing to the brain where it can oxygenate brain cells and build chemicals that enhance brain function.  

With ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee workouts our clients can perform moves they never could before- do more reps and easily perform horizontal moves that reach muscle groups vertical (weight lifting) training does not reach, giving them optimal therapeutic results! CALL FOR AN ASSESSMENT TODAY!